Netherlands Consulate-General in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Russia - The Netherlands Bilateral Year 2013

Dear readers! 

Russia and the Netherlands share a rich history. We maintain already for centuries intensive economic, cultural, scientific relations as well as a constructive political dialogue. Many examples of these historical ties can still be seen or experienced today and influence daily life in Russia as well as the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the biggest investors and trading partners of the Russian Federation. In return Dutch adventurers, businessmen, historians and many others were always fascinated by Russian perspectives. Apart from that, the Russian economy has been developing steadily over the past few years, which gives Dutch companies more and more opportunities for trade and cooperation. Furthermore, there are some specific sectors where cooperation is evident, like transport and port activities, but also shipbuilding, agriculture and energy. Therefore, it is natural and obvious that the Netherlands wishes to be a partner in the modernization agenda of the Russian leadership. Past and present provide a strong basis for further development in the near future and past and present have shown that this partnership is able to achieve extraordinary results!

The idea for the Dutch-Russian bilateral year arose during the official visit of Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev to the Netherlands in June 2009. He was in Amsterdam to join Queen Beatrix in the opening of the Hermitage Amsterdam, branch of the world-famous museum in St Petersburg. For 2013 a number of activities in the field of economy, culture and the society at large are scheduled. We are looking forward to host high ranking visitors. You are all invited to share your enthusiasm and take an active part as pioneers, participants or visitors.

Kind regards,
Jennes de Mol
Consul-General of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg