Netherlands Consulate-General in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Public Diplomacy

Public diplomacy is one of the main instruments of the Consulate General in order to reach out to the public.

Every year the main Public Diplomacy event is being held in September, the so-called “Window on the Netherlands”. This event is full of economic, cultural and other happenings in which the Netherlands is presented to the Northwest Russian public. We find it important to create visibility for both the Consulate General itself as for the Netherlands as a country. This website is one of the media that we use to achieve this goal. To know more about the activities of the Consulate General, please also visit our facebook page for the latest news and events. If you would like to receive the monthly issue of our newsletter click here.

We regularly receive visiting student groups from the Netherlands, which allows us to show our work to a broader audience. For them, we have prepared an all-inclusive presentation about the Northwest of Russia and the activities of the Consulate General.

Another important method is Holland Branding aimed to improve Dutch presence at trade fairs and promote Dutch areas of expertise, such as Dutch Design.